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HE LED A GREAT CAMPAIGN - Unfortunately that was no measure of any actual leadership skills.

CONSERVATIVE MYTH - The Sub prime crisis was the democrats fault. The fact is they had majority control before and during the explosion.

IN ADDITION.... - stop sending your Chicago goons to the Gulf to blow up BP oil rigs. What you thought we're 2 dumb to figure that out?

STILL VOTING PRESENT - On Unemployment, BP Oil Spill, Christmas Bomber, The Economy Ft Hood, Memorial Day, and D-Day.

THE BUCK STOPS HERE - Specifically British Petroleum Campaign Bucks

NATIONAL AIRBORNE DAY - August 16, 1940 - The US Army's Parachute Test Platoon conducts their first jump, paving the way for over 70 years of legendary badassery.

BP is God! -

YES SIR, BP - And Thanks for the Free D.C. Apartment too.

BP CEO TO STEP DOWN - Great, People On The Gulf Coast Will Sleep Much Better Now That The Obama-Supporting Idiot Has Been Relieved

THE BEST IDEA YET... - for blocking that damn oil leak in the Gulf.

DEEPWATER REICHSTAG - Its not like Obama would let the BP spill become a massive catastrophe to help him push harder for "greener" energy, right?


HARD AT WORK - Trying to Plug That Hole

57 DAYS AND COUNTING - Obama did what he knew to do. He Gave a Speech.

IMAGINE - These are tankers, skimmers, barges, and barrier build ships. Obama has parked all of them

ENGLAND SURRENDERS AGAIN - To the Demands of a Tyrant. BP coughs up 20 Billion to Obama

B P - They're Trying Out A New Logo

BP OILSPILL: WWBD? - Oh right, we already know what Bush would have done.

EXXON VALDEZ - We come a long, long way, baby.

FISH OIL - What's Spanish for "Epic Fail?"

There...there... -

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Zeul - January 21, 2018, 9:13 pm
Yep ... In roughly 7 years